Gastronomy Alt Emporda

The gastronomy of l’Alt Empordà is part of the so-called “Catalunya Gastronomic Reserve”, due to its influence from the Sea and the Mountain. Tourism has impacted on the gastronomic offer of the area, which has created an important restaurant sector.

The geographical characteristics of our region offer the most varied of local products, a large part of them collected in our culinary offer.

Our area of ​​the Costa Brava offers us a wide variety of coastal products such as fish from the fish market, the appreciated Prawn from Roses, sea urchins in season, rice; almonds, olives, tomatoes are some of the vegetable plot products touched by the tramontana. Rosemary and thyme are also part of our ingredients, and seasonal products such mushrooms and calçots cannot be missed.

Figueras onion, pink and sweet, in carpaccio or esqueixada, with olive oil from Pau, one of the most important products of our gastronomy, oil produced by ancient olive trees.

Also the olivada, Mediterranean, made with black olives, olive oil and salt. A great companion for fish.

Our meats: lambs and calves raised in the area, as well as chicken from payes.

The white or black Butifarra sausages, we serve them in a typical Catalan salad or on a tray with bread with tomato.

All i oli, homemade, of course! And the escudella too!

Our stews are made with our picada.

Fish, meats, vegetables, … cooked, not only in the traditional dishes of Alt Empordà, also grilled, with oak wood from the Albera forests.

In our carta and menus you will find all this and much more.

Our experience, in different restaurants: El Mirador de l’Almadrava and Bitakora, in the Port of Roses, is the expression of our work in the kitchen, reflected in the selection of dishes that you find in our menu. A quality kitchen relationship that represents our know-how.

In our Bodega, and continuing with our emphasis on local produce, we give special importance to wines of the area, from Alt Empordà, which constitute a very old culture. DO Empordà vineyards from Albera to Sierra de Rhodes, in lands that go from the sea to 200 m of altitude, with a Mediterranean climate strongly affected by the tramuntana. Excellent quality wines.

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